Her Loyal Friend Needs Spleen Removal Surgery To Prevent The Spread Of A Tumor That’s Threatening His Life

Brooklyn, New York. Anna’s life changed for the better when she adopted Storm as a senior surrender five years ago. In their short but sweet time together, they’ve already weathered a great deal.

Anna had to set up a GoFundMe last year when Storm developed a “rapid-spread and anti-biotic resistant staph infection.”

Thankfully, donors helped save Storm’s foot, giving her another chance to live a goofy, carefree life with her family.

Sadly, Anna and Storm are in a scary situation once again and have turned to the GoFundMe community for support.

A few weeks ago, x-ray imaging showed that Storm’s spleen was swelling in size. Her vet told them there was a 2/3 chance that the tumor was cancerous, but it would continue to grow and damage her other organs even if it weren’t.

Unlike other tumors, this type fills with blood and is at risk for rupture, which the vet explained could cause “catastrophic internal damage.” In the case of this tumor, it will inevitably spread and eventually rupture.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Storm

But there is hope for Storm’s recovery if the vet can complete a spleen removal surgery as soon as possible.

A splenectomy would prevent the tumor’s spread, as well as the risk of internal bleeding.

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