Her Mother-In-Law Swiped Her Engagement Ring So She Told Her It Was Cursed To Get It Back

A 26-year-old woman just got engaged, and her mother-in-law is, well, the worst. She and her fiancé are in the middle of renovating a section of their home, and her mother-in-law has a key to their place.

Her mother-in-law is a constant fixture in her home. Although her mother-in-law constantly claims to be there so she can assist them in cleaning the house, she’s actually inserting herself into their lives so she can just spy or keep tabs on them.

Anyway, one day this young woman removed her engagement ring and placed it inside a dish she has especially for her jewelry.

She always takes her ring off prior to heading to her martial arts class, and that was her reason for removing it that day.

When she came back home after her class, she was surprised to see her ring was missing. She questioned her mother-in-law about the ring, and her mother-in-law owned up to swiping it.

Her mother-in-law said she had brought it to a local jeweler so she could have it cleaned up.

“She looked super smug about it and when I asked which jeweler, she pretended she couldn’t remember,” she explained.

“I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of having a reaction to it so I just let it slide for a couple of days.”

Several days later, she brought up her ring, but her mother-in-law was still being weird about it.

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