Her Oldest Daughter’s Boyfriend Ate A Birthday Cake And Ruined A Party For Her Youngest Daughter So She’s Telling The Internet She Kicked This Guy Out

“We were upstairs while Monica’s boyfriend was in the living room,” she said.

“I went downstairs and into the kitchen to get the cake. I opened the refrigerator and saw that someone cut and took a piece of the birthday cake. I was infuriated I figured it was Monica’s boyfriend.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong. It was the boyfriend who rudely cut a piece out of Lily’s birthday cake right before her party was about to start.

She immediately confronted him about it, and he owned up to eating it. She ended up yelling at him until he apologized, saying he was just hungry.

She wondered if he could have eaten something else in the kitchen, and he admitted that he could have, but he really just wanted to eat the cake and didn’t want to wait for the party.

“I kept screaming at him that he ruined the entire party now Lily won’t even want to blow the candles when the cake looked like that,” she continued.

“He got defensive and said that it didn’t matter if he ate it before Lily blew the candles and that all those “birthday party” rules are lame and people should just eat the “freaking” cake once it arrives.”

“Also said that it wasn’t like he ate the whole thing. I lost it and told him to get out of my house.”

He tried to get Monica involved to “deal” with her. Monica told her mom it wasn’t ok for her to kick him out of the house after this.

She even begged, but this mom kicked him to the curb, and Monica went with him.

In the end, Lily’s party had to be set back 2 hours while they rushed to get a cake for her. Of course, this one could not be customized in such a short amount of time like her original one was.

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