Her Parents Are Trying To Pressure Her To Drop Out Of College So They Can Afford To Send Her Brother To Medical School And She’s Telling The Internet She’s Refusing

“No one was “betting” on any of us to succeed, especially not at the others’ expense.”


“Try, 350k+ for medical school. You’re one of the lucky ones if you only come out with 200k in debt.”


“Oh my, why have 7 (!) children if not capable of supporting them evenly!?”


“This isn’t a small sacrifice you’d be making – it’s a huge sacrifice and completely unfair of them to ask. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your future for your brother’s.”

“Student loans, financial aid, and scholarships all exist for a reason. Rather than deciding to take money that has already been designated for your college.”

“This also reeks of subtle sexism. Did they ask your two brothers who are in college to drop out, or only you?”

“Because this lowkey sounds like they think you have the least chance at a future even with a college degree, so they’re asking you to drop out instead of them. Unless they did ask your brothers and it just wasn’t mentioned.”


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