Her Sister Freaked Out On Her For Getting Engaged Before She Did

A 23-year-old woman just got engaged to her 24-year-old boyfriend, and he asked her to marry him at a romantic dinner he planned for her birthday.

She was thrilled and said yes. She and her boyfriend both moved outside of their country recently to attend grad school, so the only way she can contact her family really is through a group chat they have going.

She was so happy to share the news with her family, and her parents were very excited, especially since her boyfriend had already made sure with them that they were ok with the engagement.

Well, the only person in her family who is not down for this engagement is her 25-year-old sister.

“She called me via skype in the middle of our engagement dinner and immediately started berating me,” she explained.

“For backstory- my sister has been dating the same guy for ten years and expects that she will not receive a proposal for another eight-ish years (because he wants to be a full-fledged surgeon before proposing).”

“She has claimed to be patient but every single time one of our cousins or one of her former classmates gets engaged she kind of loses it and I hear all about it.”

“She immediately starts yelling at me over the phone for not taking her feelings into account knowing how much she wants to get married and how humiliating it will be for her to get married years after her little sister.”

“Her yelling got so much that I had to take the phone outside and spend my engagement dinner in the cold trying to calm her down.”

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