Her Sister’s Significant Other Is Banned From Her Wedding For Being Awful To Her Fiancé’s 90-Year-Old Great-Grandma And Now She’s Thinking Of Banning Her Sister Too

“Never said a bad word. But she’s never heard of non-binary people not to mention Neo pronouns. Jade attended my birthday party with Sam and we introduced her to Ethel. Sam made sure to tell Ethel xem pronouns and Ethel looked confused AF but said nothing.”

The time came for everyone to eat cake, and as they were all hanging out, Ethel very respectfully asked Sam to explain the pronouns that Sam had mentioned to her.

She admitted that she did not understand the pronouns, but she was trying to learn about them here.

While Ethel was asking about the pronouns that she did not quite grasp, she ended up saying she/her in relation to Sam.

“Jade started explaining it but Sam got really angry, Sam looked at Ethel and told her “you’re old enough to know what pronouns are! Stop playing dumb, you’re just a bigot.” I got mad, I kicked Sam out and told her to never come back,” she said.

“I understand a lot but I will not allow her to disrespect a lovely old lady because she didn’t quite understand something.”

Fast forward to it being time for this bride-to-be to mail her wedding invites. She did not exclude a single guest from being able to have a plus one except her sister Jade.

She made sure to deliver Jade’s invite to her personally, and when she did, she told her Sam was not able to come to the wedding.

Since Sam can’t be respectful to people genuinely trying to understand her pronouns, she doesn’t want her at the wedding because she doesn’t want to risk her screaming at some of the older family members who will be there and who probably won’t understand the pronouns either.

In response to this, Jade did not say a word to her, but she was clearly less than thrilled about the fact that Sam wasn’t invited.

A few days ago, this bride-to-be’s brother phoned her up to say that Jade went nuclear in a Facebook post, and he snapped photos of the post to show her.

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