Her Wife’s Family Was Not Invited To The Wedding After Being Outright Homophobic. Now, They Feel Wronged.

A woman and her wife, twenty-three years old and twenty-four years old, had been childhood friends for practically their whole lives. They even dated for four years before marrying.

Still, her wife’s family never understood or accepted their relationship. Instead, her wife’s family claimed that she was the reason their daughter was gay.

After announcing their engagement, the family was repulsed. They claimed that the woman was forcing their daughter into marriage. They even said that she would never want to be partners with another woman without being influenced.

Rightfully so, the couple ended up leaving their engagement celebration.

“We left our own engagement party and blocked them out of our lives after years of micro-aggressions towards my race and our sexuality,” she said.

Now, a year later, the couple is happily married and is also expecting their first child.

On a random evening, the woman was enjoying a movie with her wife when she received a Facebook direct message. It was from an account name that she did not know. It turns out that the account was her wife’s sister- who had been stalking the woman’s account for months.

At first, the conversation was harmless.

“It was normal catching up; I was close to her a few years back,” she said, “But then, she brought up the wedding.”

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