His Fiancée Announced Her Pregnancy At A Family Party To Celebrate A Surgery And He’s Telling The Internet He Made Her Go Home By Herself

A 30-year-old man has a 26-year-old fiancée, and they were supposed to have their wedding this upcoming spring, however, she just learned she is pregnant which might affect their wedding plans.

None of their families knew that they are expecting.

Anyway, his dad was on a train several evenings ago when he started having chest pain. As soon as his dad arrived home, his mom brought him to an Emergency Room.

While at the hospital, doctors informed his dad that he was going to need to get bypass surgery. His mom told the whole family what was happening, and many of their family members rushed to his mom and dad’s house to be there for them.

His dad just had the surgery, and it all went well.

“We went over for dinner to celebrate my father’s successful surgery,” he explained. “The entire conversation was about my father and making sure my mother was going to be okay.”

“During the dinner, my fiancée stands up and announces we were expecting. My sister stood up from the table and told fiancée she was out of line.”

His sister also called his fiancée a pretty awful and offensive name.

“Everyone was glaring at my fiancée and I looked over at her and said I think it’s best if you leave,” he said.

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