His Fiancée Announced Her Pregnancy At A Family Party To Celebrate A Surgery And He’s Telling The Internet He Made Her Go Home By Herself

“She calls an uber and goes back to our apartment. I went home and saw my fiance packing a suitcase. She starts yelling at me that I should have left with her and will be staying with her parents.”

Since all this went down, his fiancée did go leave to be with her parents, and her parents have been calling and texting him to talk about what occurred.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Ok, so this post is pretty light on details but I think it’s reasonable that your fiance was thinking “hey, since we’re celebrating a successful surgery and recovery let’s add another happy thing to the day.” Yes, that should’ve been discussed with you beforehand.”

“But your sister was also WAY out of line. Unless there’s something here that’s missing you should’ve stuck up for your fiancée because your sister was absolutely wrong.”


“Tensions are high and everyone is on edge after a potentially deadly health emergency, and she believed NOW is the best time to drop more life-changing news?”

“Is she trying to cause someone else to suffer a cardiac event?”


“If Dad’s issues were resolved, the pregnancy could be a bit of happy news…something to recover and live for, so to speak…especially if it’s a first grandchild.”

“But…if the conversation was not resolved, or Dad is under orders to avoid excitement, OR this news might be upsetting to family given that no wedding has taken place (assuming they might be more traditional)…then a very asshole thing to do.”

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