His Fiancée’s Sister Harasses And Comes Onto Him So He Doesn’t Want Her To Be The Maid Of Honor In The Wedding

He reminded his fiancée that he was really uncomfortable with her sister, which is his reason for not wanting her in their bridal party at all.

He also is concerned that his fiancée’s sister may do something at their wedding to destroy it, given the major crush she has on him.

“I also said that maybe I’d be okay with her being involved in the wedding in some other way, but I don’t feel comfortable with her being that involved and so close to both of us,” he said.

He did tell his fiancée it’s ultimately her choice who she wants to pick as her maid of honor, but she was not happy with him protesting in the first place.

His fiancée then brushed off his concerns by saying her sister always acts this way.

He tried his best to put his fiancée in his shoes and asked her how she would feel if he asked his brother to be his best man hypothetically knowing she felt uneasy about that choice.

His fiancée said she wouldn’t like that at all because it turns out she dislikes his brother, who is the nicest guy ever, for no reason.

“So I told her that there is a double standard here,” he continued. “My brother could get kicked out of the wedding party for just my fiancée not liking him, while her sister can’t get kicked out of it for her practically sexually harassing me.”

He mentioned to his fiancée that she needs to be more sympathetic here in order to make sure nothing happens on their wedding day.

His fiancée really did not want to hear that, and she insisted that having her sister be her maid of honor is going to make her happy, which he should want.

He ended up leaving because his fiancée refused to acknowledge what would make him happy at their wedding, and his fiancée accused him of being a jerk over all this.

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