It Took 14 Days After A Life-Threatening Stroke For This Young New Hampshire Mother To Regain Her Speech

Hollis, New Hampshire. “I love you, Lev,” the words were finally spoken by Mollie Vigeant to her toddler son 14 days after a life-changing, severe stroke, leaving her unable to speak, swallow, sit up or eat without the aid of a feeding tube.

On October 23rd Mollie suffered an unknown amount of brain damage from a clot, causing a lack of oxygen to her brain cells. The entire right side of her body had very little mobility. It was a scary situation for her and her family. 

Strokes are the number five cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the United States. It’s hard to believe a young, vibrant mother and wife would be in such a life-threatening situation without any prior warning.

Although her doctors successfully removed the clot, restoring blood flow to Mollie’s brain, the blood flow was restricted for several hours causing damage. Her medical team continued to assess her condition and were without any clues to the cause of Mollie’s clot and the extent of damage it caused. 

After five days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Mollie’s progress showed hope as she was able to sit up and even stand with assistance. Although the struggle was far from over, she managed to smile at her husband, Adam.

Adam had been spending as much time as possible at Mollie’s bedside while he juggled time at the hospital and time with their son at a relative’s home nearby.

On the 6th day, Mollie was able to walk a few steps with assistance from her medical team. On the 7th day, Mollie was progressing, slowly but surely.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Mollie with her family

She was able to swallow on her own, although her feeding tube stayed in place. 

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