Katie Maloney-Schwartz Gets Candid About Her Journey To Fertility And The Reason Why Her Tragic Fall Through A Skylight Ultimately Played A Part In That

Los Angeles, California. Katie Maloney-Schwartz first shot to fame on Bravo’s hit TV show Vanderpump Rules, where Katie was one of the original cast members.

Vanderpump Rules is now in its 9th season, and Katie has forever been open and honest about a myriad of things throughout her journey on the show.

One thing I’m sure you’ve heard her bring up on the show is the tragic accident she suffered back in 2009 that nearly cost Katie her life.

It all happened while Katie was working a shift at SUR on November 9th, and she ended up falling through a skylight to the floor 25 feet below. Katie suffered from a brain injury and several broken bones; she also lost some teeth.

So how does Katie’s injury play into her fertility journey?

Instagram; pictured above is Katie

Katie recently appeared on the podcast called Reality Life, hosted by Kate Casey, and she got quite candid about her fertility journey and the reason why her tragic fall through the skylight ultimately played a part in that.

While on Reality Life, Katie revealed that she and Tom got pregnant around a year after her accident, but she felt it was best to terminate her pregnancy at that time.

“Of course I wanted to have kids, but at that point, absolutely not,” Katie recalled. “The year before I had just fallen through a skylight…in my head, I was still f***** up, emotionally in pieces.”

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