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She Wondered How Her 1-Year-Old Was Getting Himself Water And Then She Saw Him Drinking Out Of The Dog Bowl

Although Carrie was definitely taken aback by her finding, people on TikTok helped to make light of the situation.

TikTok; pictured above is Carrie’s son helping himself to the dog’s water

Carrie and her ingenious little one drew a lot of laughs, and the comments poured in.

Oh, thank God that wasn’t the toilet,” one user said, well someone else pointed out how brilliant her son really was for discovering the dog’s water source.

Some TikTokers recounted their own terrifying encounters on the platform. One parent chuckled, “Mine used to share our dog’s meals.”

It’s imperative to always find a way to chuckle when dealing with children, especially because you never know what weird thing they’ll do next!


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