Mom Issues Warning About Installing A Carbon Monoxide Detector After All 6 Of Her Children Ended Up Hospitalized Overnight

Rexburg, Idaho. On November 9th, a mom named Ashlyn Hansen shared some bone-chilling news through a public Facebook post; all six of her children were hospitalized overnight.

“I wasn’t going to share this,” She wrote, “but I have been letting it all run through my head over and over all night wondering what I could’ve done different or thinking I should’ve known this is what was happening from the beginning.”

It all started when Ashlyn’s sister-in-law Heather was babysitting the kids, and one of her sons said he had a headache and an upset stomach.

On the phone, Ashlyn told her son to take Ibuprofin and check in with her if he didn’t feel better. When he was no better by the next day, Heather decided to keep him home from school.

By this time, Heather had also started to show symptoms but chalked it up to dehydration or eating poorly.

No one felt any better by the next afternoon, and the rest of Ashlyn’s children had also begun showing the same symptoms, crying and acting strange.

At first, the family thought it might be food poisoning, but even their dog, Chewie, was barking and seemed alarmed.

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Unfortunately, matters soon worsened, as one of Ashlyn’s sons began throwing up, while another became unconscious.

Thankfully, a friend came by to check on them and immediately suspected that the cause of their mysterious illness was a gas leak.

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