Recent College Graduate and Cancer Survivor Anya Magnuson Was Struck By An SUV. Now, She Is Fighting To Recover Again.

Following the accident, Magnuson was placed on a ventilator and was not very responsive. She sustained a brain bleed that doctors continued to monitor. Since then, Kathy Shipp has continued to post updates on the GoFundMe campaign.

As of November 12, Magnuson has begun breathing without a ventilator for just a few days. Still, Shipp says it is hard to provide an accurate picture of the situation since it is so complicated.

“It’s difficult to do justice to the complexity of Anya’s situation without oversimplifying the reality- which is way more complicated than a ‘thumbs up,'” Shipp wrote, “Anya has started talking, just a word or two at a time, and in a nearly inaudible whisper. Most of the time, she’s still in what I’d call a semiconscious state.”

Magnuson still has a long way to go in the recovery process. Her next steps include surgery to repair the orbital fracture and another leg surgery.

“Although much is unknown at this point, we do know that Anya’s recovery will be measured in weeks to months or years. Even with insurance, the costs will be substantial,” Shipp wrote on the GoFundMe.

The GoFundMe had a goal of forty-thousand dollars. The community has banded together to show Magnuson love and support.

The fundraiser has just surpassed its goal and continues upward.

“Anya and her family make the world a better place. We can’t wait to see your spunky and hard-working self outside of the hospital setting soon! Prayers and well-wishes for you and your family,” wrote Penny Teder, who donated three hundred dollars.

“Anya, we are cheering your warrior spirit to heal you! Loving thoughts to you and your family,” wrote Lynn Fox, who donated one-hundred dollars.

If you would like to donate to Magnuson’s recovery, you can visit the GoFundMe link. Magnuson also has a CaringBridge site if you would like to follow her journey. There, journal updates are posted nearly every day.

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