She Called Her Sister After Flying To Texas With A Man To Say She Was Scared And Wanted To Come Home: That Was 3 Years Ago, And Nobody Has Seen Or Heard From Her Since

Midland, Texas. 19-year-old Caitlin Denison lived in Reno, Nevada, and on January 9th of 2018, she flew out to Midland, Texas with a man that she had met in Reno.

The day that Caitlin got on the plane, she sent her sister Rachael a text saying that she would text her or call her from a phone number that had a Reno area code.

Caitlin wanted to make sure that Rachael would pick up and know it was her, and she said that she would reach out at approximately 2 that afternoon.

Rachael waited around, expecting Caitlin to reach out, but she never did. That evening, she had still not heard from Caitlin at all.

Facebook; pictured above is Caitlin

“The next day, Jan, 10th 2018 at 12:31 in the afternoon Caitlin had called me from a local Walmart in the area of Midland, TX,” Rachael explained in a message her friend shared to a GoFundMe page.

“While we were on the phone I wasn’t able to get much information other than Caitlin was frightened and she wanted to come home.”

“The phone call was so short because the man returned to the same area of the store that Caitlin was calling me from so she had to hang up.”

“She then texted me her current location and stated in another message “This guy makes me a little scared for my life.” She also stated that “He is mad that I won’t let him lay a hand on me.”

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