She Called Her Sister After Flying To Texas With A Man To Say She Was Scared And Wanted To Come Home: That Was 3 Years Ago, And Nobody Has Seen Or Heard From Her Since

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Rachael

“I know my sister would contact me if she was able to,” Rachael said. “I’m sure you all have so many questions to ask. Any questions I am able to answer or legally give information on, I will.”

“Keep in mind the case is cold but it’s still open so some things I am not legally cleared to speak on, regardless of accuracy. Please share my sister’s story. I want her home so so so very much.”

Rachael is currently working to raise enough money to hire a private investigator to help search for Caitlin, and she’s also hoping to be able to put up billboards in the Midland area to raise awareness for her sister’s disappearance.

Facebook; pictured above Caitlin holds a dog in her arms

Caitlin has brown hair, but she frequently dyes it blonde. She’s around 120 to 130 pounds. She has piercing blue eyes, and scars across her legs and arms.

She has a beauty mark right beneath her lower lip, on the left, and she has several piercings on her face.

Facebook; pictured above Caitlin smiles

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