She Canceled Her Wedding When She Found Out Her Fiancé Was Cheating On Her And Then Her Best Friend Stole Her Wedding Date

Her friend tried to say she was forced to pick that date because her venue had canceled last minute on her and that was the only other available date for her wedding.

She was left feeling crushed over all of this, but she managed to go to her best friend’s wedding as a guest; not a bridesmaid anymore.

“I ended up going to the wedding as a regular guest & not a bridesmaids & had the worst day of my life,” she continued.

“I spent most of it in the bathroom crying & when I told her I had to leave before pictures she got mad at me for making it about me & ruining her day.”

She has not spoken to her friend since the wedding, and her friend is of the opinion she needs to apologize.

How would you deal with this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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