She Crashed Her Ex’s Wedding And Caused His Marriage To Be Over Before It Started And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Do

She wanted to leave at this point, but Grandma insisted she should also attend the reception. Grandma even saved her a seat right next to hers at the family’s table.

She acknowledged the whole situation was awkward, but she went to the reception too.

“I was still mingling with the family, standing up, when the bride and groom came. They came and greeted and she congratulated me on the pregnancy.”

“I thanked her and said something about how I couldn’t wait to co-parent with the two of them.”

“Turns out that she didn’t know that I was pregnant (5 months at the time) with his child the whole time.”

She then explained she got pregnant while her ex and his wife were on some kind of a break from their relationship.

“She lost her sh*t and ran out,” she said about the bride. “He tried to run after her but then her dad came and started a scene.”

Her ex’s brother rushed over to her and got her out of the situation. Sometime after the wedding, Grandma told her that her ex and his wife had their marriage annulled.

“The ‘bride’ weirdly still follows me and comments/likes my pictures so I think she’s fine with me but still…”

She then added, “We dated for 3 years before he got into his relationship with her and then rekindled things during their break (which they both had partners).”

“They were engaged during this break. I don’t know specifics on why they took it.”

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