She Didn’t Make Her Daughter Invite A Special Needs Girl To Her Birthday And She’s Telling The Internet She Received Major Backlash Over It

A mom has a daughter who is about to celebrate turning 7-years-old. The party she’s planning for her is going to include pizza and a movie.

Now, at her daughter’s school, there’s a policy in place that you have to invite all of the boys, all of the girls, or the entire class when throwing a party.

Not every parent adheres to this, which this mom doesn’t agree with, so she is having her daughter invite children in accordance with the school’s policy.

So, her daughter is going to be inviting her entire class to her birthday party. Well…nearly every kid will be invited.

“Here’s where I might have messed up,” this mom explained. “When we were writing out the invitations daughter asked me if we had to invite “Avery”. Avery has autism and something else, and she’s barely verbal, very hyperactive, and isn’t potty trained.”

“My daughter comes home with a story about something this kid did easily twice a week. She said she doesn’t want everyone paying attention to Avery “like they always do at school.” I thought about it and decided my daughter doesn’t have to invite her.”

Now, she doesn’t have any personal feelings towards Avery, but clearly, her daughter does, and she wants to be able to respect how her daughter feels.

One of the kids in her daughter’s class that was invited to the party has a mom that’s friends with Avery’s mom.

That mom took up the issue with her for Avery not getting invited, and her reply was that she wasn’t trying to be mean here, but her daughter should be able to have a nice time at her party.

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