She Didn’t Make Her Daughter Invite A Special Needs Girl To Her Birthday And She’s Telling The Internet She Received Major Backlash Over It

“She must have passed this on because the girl’s mom messaged me and said “thanks for reminding us yet again that we don’t get invited to things,” this mom said.

“I apologized but I stood firm.”

This mom does not want her daughter to be upset at her birthday party, and the thing is, her daughter didn’t get a birthday party because of the pandemic last year, so she wants this one to be enjoyable.

“But after the backlash I got I have to wonder if I’m somehow missing a chance to teach my daughter not to discriminate,” she concluded.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“As a mom of two kids on the autism spectrum, you are the parent I hated when my kids were growing up.”

“My kids would be in tears knowing they were the only ones left out over things they had no control over…Be kind and do better!”


“Breaking the rules is secondary to me.”

“I’m more concerned that instead of making it a teaching moment with her daughter to be kind, caring, and compassionate to everyone, she decided to teach her daughter that a person with a disability is LESS THAN.”


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