She Found Out That Her Fiancé Was In A Bar Bathroom, Shirtless, With Three Other Women And Her Fiancé’s “Work Wife” Was Supposedly Popping A Pimple On His Back For TikTok

A woman was recently shown a video of her fiancé, shirtless, while in a bathroom with three other women. The reason the group was in there was not one you’d expect, either.

The woman and her fiancé had been engaged for five years and are planning to have their wedding next June.

“It was such a great relationship until he was headhunted to work for a start-up engineering program,” the woman said. As soon as her fiancé entered the new job, he found a “work wife.”

“I despise this term, but, on paper, this woman Becky is not someone I should be jealous of. She is obnoxious, loud, very large, has three kids with massive drama,” the woman said, “But for some reason, my fiancé is enchanted with her.”

The woman thought that the “work spouse” relationship would fade between the two as time went on.

Well, it hasn’t, and now the woman cannot stand Becky… especially after what happened on a Saturday night out at the bar.

“On Saturday night, I was busy with work, but we were supposed to go out and meet some friends. I felt guilty, so I told him to go and I would catch up,” the woman recalled.

Once she got to the bar, though, her fiancé was not with their normal group of friends; he was with Becky and a larger group of “similarly-aged women.”

For context, Becky is forty-six, and her fiancé is twenty-seven.

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