She Got Fired As The Maid Of Honor And She Also Got Her Husband Kicked Out Of The Bridal Party Weeks Before The Wedding Over The Bachelor Party They Both Planned

The night of the bachelorette and bachelor parties arrived, she and her husband went their separate ways with the bridal parties they were part of, and everything seemed to be going great.

Then, her brother called up his fiancée to say that her husband had booked dancers for the bachelor party.

As soon as her brother saw the women, he hopped in his car and immediately went home, pissed off as could be.

Her husband revealed to her brother that it was also her idea to hire the dancers, and her brother and his fiancée started getting mad at her for also not respecting what they had wanted for the bachelor party.

“I responded that I didn’t want my husband to have (dancers) in his bachelor party in our wedding either but it’s a tradition and we should suck it up, if I sucked it up then they should do the same,” she continued.

“They announced to me right there that we are fired from the MOH and best man roles just two weeks before the wedding.”

“I’ve received mixed messages, some say the bride is insecure and the groom is trying to cover for her, others say that they’re both overreacting.”

She has even had some people weigh in and tell her that she and her husband are awful for doing this in the first place, especially considering her brother’s fiancée made it clear that they both did not want this “traditional” kind of bachelor party being thrown.

How would you deal with this?

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