She Just Revealed To Her Husband That She Was Not Happy On Their Wedding Day And Now He’s Upset With Her

A 30-year-old woman has been with her husband for 7 years, and they tied the knot 4 years ago. She is quite happy being married to him, and she loved their life and children.

When her husband asked her to marry him, she was happy. On their honeymoon trip, she was happy.

But on the actual day of her wedding? She was anything but happy because it was not at all what she wanted or expected.

Just months after she and her husband got engaged, they learned that her husband’s grandma had cancer.

They knew that their wedding would be the final family-filled event she would get to survive to see, and so, they moved up their wedding day to make sure she was going to be alive to enjoy it.

“Of course, I felt sad and was more than willing to change the date of the wedding to better suit her needs, but what I was not expecting was that it would become HER wedding and I was to be treated like a figure on a playset,” she explained.

“She picked out the venue, the color scheme, the food, music, the flowers, and even my dress.”

Initially, it wasn’t like that, and grandma really only made small suggestions. As she became more vocal about not wanting to do everything the way grandma wanted, everyone in the family accused her of being a terrible person.

“…I was called a heartless bridezilla who couldn’t honor a dying woman’s request,” she said.

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