She Just Revealed To Her Husband That She Was Not Happy On Their Wedding Day And Now He’s Upset With Her

“After a fight, my husband was told to reconsider the engagement if I couldn’t do this “one thing” and how a wedding was more important to me than actually becoming a part of the family.”

“Knowing that I’d never win, I sat in my car and cried for an hour mourning the loss of the wedding I wanted and in the end let the in-laws have their way. I didn’t even attend further meetings to discuss the planning and left both the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party early.”

The day of her wedding arrived, and she sucked it all up. She pretended she wasn’t extremely disappointed, and that was that.

Grandma ended up passing away several months after their honeymoon, and before she did, she gushed about how the wedding made her so happy.

And so, she never said a word to her husband about how it was anything but that for her; in fact, it was not a joyful day for her at all.

4 years have since gone by, with her husband none the wiser to her true feelings.

That all changed when her cousin got engaged and invited her to be the maid of honor. She was so excited, and she’s been chatting with her cousin through Zoom and over phone calls to help plan everything.

Her husband made a comment to her about how she was not like that for their own wedding, and she ignored it.

She continued helping her cousin plan and would make sure to not really do it while her husband was around.

Despite her attempts to prevent her husband from commenting further, he kept bringing things up about their own wedding, like the fact that she doesn’t display their wedding photos around their house.

Her husband also brought up the fact that she immediately rid herself of her wedding dress following their wedding.

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