She Ruined Shopping For Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding Dress But All She Was Trying To Do Was Stick Up For Her

Lily’s mom steered her back into trying more mermaid styles, insisting that Lily needed that.

Lily’s mom continued making negative comments about Lily’s body, and this woman lost it on her finally.

“You’re right. She doesn’t have to worry about her arms, just her nightmare of a mother,” she said to Lily’s mom.

“Obviously, an argument ensued,” she continued. “The last thing I said was that it didn’t matter if Lily was her daughter because she would soon be my sister, and people don’t talk to my sisters that way.”

“Monster mama then pulled the trump card. “I’m paying for the dress.”

So, Lily’s mom bought that wedding dress and left. She then picked up the dress that Lily loved and paid for it, telling Lily she can just return the dress her mom was forcing on her.

“I apologized to her for ruining her day but she just laughed,” she wrote. “My brother picked us up and said he wanted me to go because he knew what her mother was like.”

As she got into the car with Lily and her brother, Lily’s mom FaceTimed Lily to talk about how rude she was.

Lily hung up on her mom and nobody said anything for the remainder of the car ride. After that, she did attempt to offer up an apology to Lily’s mom, but Lily’s mom refused to accept it.

She’s starting to think that she perhaps should not have laced into Lily’s mom at the wedding dress boutique because she really doesn’t want to destroy everything for Lily.

How would you deal with this?

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