She Survived The Bombing Of The Kabul Airport While On Her First Deployment And Now This Selfless Marine Who Earned A Purple Heart Is Facing A Long Road To Recovery

The attack tragically resulted in 13 members of our military losing their lives, one of which was Kelsee’s best friend and fellow Marine, Sgt. Nicole Gee.

At least 18 more military members were severely wounded, and Kelsee sadly was one of the Marines that suffered horrific injuries. She was left paralyzed from the waist down after the attack.

Cpl. Wyatt Wilson was another military member who was injured that day, yet he was able to pull Kelsee to safety despite suffering shrapnel injuries and trauma to his face and chest.

Kelsee was airlifted from Kabul to a hospital located in Germany, and from there, she was transported to the Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland.

Kelsee was awarded a Purple Heart while in Maryland for her bravery. Last month, Kelsee moved to a rehabilitation facility in Chicago, where this selfless Marine is facing down an incredibly long road in the process of her recovery.

A few days ago on Veteran’s Day, Kelsee’s mom Stacey shared a message on the GoFundMe page created to help Kelsee with her medical expenses.

The reality that Kelsee is facing is that not all of the specialists she’s going to see and not all of her medical expenses will be covered, leaving her to pay out of pocket for things she really needs in order to have the best chance at getting better.

CaringBridge; pictured above Kelsee smiles

“For Veteran’s Day, I’m asking all my friends to share Kelsee’s story and GoFundMe Page,” Stacey wrote.

“I was very hesitant in the beginning to ask for help and even allow a GoFundMe page to be set up for Kelsee, but my friends and family convinced me it was a good idea as Kelsee is facing a long, long recovery.”

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