She Told Her Best Friend She Needs To Get Real About Online Dating But She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong To Intervene Despite Having The Best Intentions

A 29-year-old woman has a best friend who is the same age as her. Her best friend just began dating again after going through an awful breakup that somehow dragged on for 6 months.

Her best friend is ready to get back into dating, and she signed up for the app called Hinge.

“Recently she’s been sending me profiles of guys she’s matching with on Hinge,” she explained.

“And I noticed she’s liking ridiculously attractive men. Like the most recent literally put in his profile that he’s a former Nordstrom model.”

“My friend is gorgeous, but she’s about 100lbs overweight, as am I. She has an amazing outgoing personality, which always draws people to her in person. When we go to bars together she always has the attention of at least one man.”

“The problem is she showed me her dating profile, and the only picture that remotely shows her as overweight is the last one, and it’s somewhat misleading as well.”

“I tried weeks ago to politely tell her she’s misrepresenting herself, but she didn’t get the hint.”

Then, last night she was talking to her best friend, who started to complain about the fact that she wasn’t getting any of her online matches commenting on her attractiveness.

Her best friend continued on this topic, and she thought it might be a good opportunity to say they should both try to get healthier and lose weight together.

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