She Told Her Date She Was Going To Use The Bathroom But She Left Him And Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

A 20-year-old woman met a 23-year-old man on a dating app, and she thought they were really hitting it off.

They already had gone on two dates together, and for their third date, this guy asked her to come to see a movie with him.

“He paid and everything,” she explained. “He mentioned that he would bring a small dose of chocolate edibles to “enhance the movie experience”, and I was not opposed.”

It’s legal in the state that she lives in, so she figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Anyway, her date told her to get to the movie theater an hour before the movie began so they could chat and hang out.

“When I got there, he invited me into his car,” she said. “I took a seat, and he immediately handed me 4 pills. These pills were medium-sized, circular, and red.”

“He told me they were 2.5 milligrams each and that he got them from a dispensary. Now, I’ve taken edibles before, and I was under the impression that it would be chocolate. I have NEVER heard of an edible in the form of a pill.”

“My heart dropped. I had no idea what was in those pills. I was very hesitant and I told him I would take them during the movie instead, then I put them in my pocket. I got very quiet and anxious, but I figured I was just overthinking.”

They then headed into the movie theater, with about half an hour to go until the movie began. She was extremely nervous since she was at this point under the impression that this guy was going to try to drug her.

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