She Told Her Fiancé She Didn’t Care About Expensive Engagement Rings But She Found Out He Bought Hers On Amazon For $8 And She’s Pissed

So clearly, there was cash enough for her fiancé to buy her something that did cost more than, well, $8.

“I was hoping he would have at least spent $50 on something that is meant to symbolize our commitment to each other for the rest of our lives,” she continued.

She confronted her fiancé, who revealed that indeed he had shelled out just $8 for her engagement ring, and he did find it on Amazon.

That’s all he told her before he began avoiding the rest of the conversation about the ring. She backed down in an effort to de-escalate things, but her fiancé got angry and walked off anyway.

She is well aware that she told her fiancé for years that the price of her ring didn’t matter and yet, she’s changing her tune.

She feels hurt that he spent practically nothing on her ring.

“I’ve told him a million times that I would love him even if we were living on the streets,” she wrote.

“Still, the fact that he only spent eight dollars kind of makes me feel like s***. Like, is our engagement really only worth $8?”

How would you deal with this?

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