She Told Her Fiancé She’s Tired Of Always Doing The Holiday Cooking For His 20+ Ungrateful Family Members And She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong Of Her To Refuse To Cook For Thanksgiving This Year

Well, given the fact that her own family members can’t even make it to Thanksgiving in a few days, she let her fiancé know that she was not going to be doing all of the cooking alone this year.

She mentioned that it was fine to have his family over for Thanksgiving, but he needed to organize catered food.

Her fiancé was not pleased with her telling him this, and he begged her to make something, anything, even stuffing that came in a box.

She pointed out to her husband that this was all a tradition that he and his family had, it wasn’t her tradition to continuously host people who didn’t appreciate what she did.

On top of all this, she just completed a round of medication that affects her joints and makes them feel stiff and awful. She’s simply not up for going crazy in the kitchen all by herself, especially since it’s going to make her body feel terrible right now.

Her fiancé refused to speak to her after that conversation, and she’s left wondering if she’s the worst for not wanting to go through with his holiday tradition.

“I have decided to possibly sit out Thanksgiving completely, buy a pre-made single-serving Thanksgiving dinner at the local grocery store that just needs to be popped in the oven for a while, and going to watch that new Lady Gaga movie,” she concluded.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“…I’d be having some conversations before I marry that person. If your fiance is not considerate of what you need versus what he and his family wants and also not pulling his weight now, will he as a partner when you’re married?”

“An important distinction is that you did not say “We can’t host a dinner.” You said “you need to be the one to do it this year if you want it because I’m tired” and he balked.”


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