She Vanished In April After A Party At Her Boyfriend’s House And Her Mom Fears That She’s Been Trafficked Or She’s No Longer Alive

Facebook; pictured above is Taylor’s update on her relationship status two days before she went missing

Taylor’s family is extremely concerned about her since she left behind her beloved dog Mauly, who is the love of her life. Taylor also did not bring any of her personal items with her, which is strange.

Another thing that has added to the strange circumstances surrounding Taylor’s disappearance is that Kevin has not cooperated at all in the search for her. He is considered to be a person of interest in Taylor’s case.

This June, Kevin was arrested again for violating the conditions of his bond, and he has been behind bars since then.

He was denied bond for a second time after a judge determined that he was too dangerous to be released into the community.

Recently, the state of Texas filed an appellate brief against him, and although it’s 19 pages long with a slew of information in there, there is not a single thing related to Taylor’s disappearance.

Facebook; above is another photo of Taylor

In a post from August 27th, Taylor’s mom Leslie revealed that she feared Taylor had been trafficked or that she was no longer alive.

“Taylor has now been missing for 4 months,” Leslie wrote. “There is no way to describe the pain, fear, sadness, and anger. Taylor did not just disappear. It’s unimaginable pain knowing that we have 2 realities, she was killed and disposed of or she is being trafficked. Selfish cowards did this to our daughter.”

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