She Wants To Wear A Black Wedding Dress When She Gets Married But Her Fiancé’s Family Is Not On Board With Her Decision

A 25-year-old woman is going to be getting married to her 27-year-old fiancé in 2022, and though they both are deciding on the details of their wedding together, her fiancé has happily let her be in charge of a lot of the decisions.

Her fiancé thinks the whole thing is less stressful with her in charge, and they’re both good with this arrangement.

Their wedding is going to be on the smaller side with 50 guests in total, and she and her fiancé both think it’s ideal to only invite their closest family members and friends to their special day.

They are also choosing to have a child-free wedding, and this has made some waves on her fiancé’s side of the family because they want to bring their kids.

Another major issue her fiancé’s side of the family has taken up with her is over her wanting to wear a black wedding dress.

“The reason I want to wear a black dress instead of a traditional white one is simply because white doesn’t suit me,” she explained.

“I have very fair skin and platinum blonde colored hair, so white and light neutral colors wash me out and make me look ill.”

“I can’t tan but that doesn’t bother me because I like my look, I have been likened to Daenerys from Game of Thrones of few times (but obviously not as pretty) which I take as a compliment.”

“I know I’m not the first pale white blonde girl in history to get married, but darker colors just suit me much better so I feel much more comfortable opting for black.”

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