She Wants To Wear A Black Wedding Dress When She Gets Married But Her Fiancé’s Family Is Not On Board With Her Decision

It’s really her fiancé’s mom who’s giving her the hardest time about wanting a black wedding dress, and her future mother-in-law thinks it’s absurd and gothic-looking.

She didn’t go with any theme at all in the process of planning her wedding, and gothic is the furthest thing from what she’s doing.

She has a lot of white in what she did pick out so far; including white flowers and white lights for her wedding.

As for her dress? It’s an actual wedding dress, that only comes in white, so she is getting it dyed to be black.

She doesn’t think it’s going to look gothic or tacky since it is a wedding dress, and her fiancé is all for her wanting a black dress.

“My fiancé’s mother called me recently to tell me to stop being so vain and to just pick out a normal white wedding dress, and to stop being so controlling over what is her son’s wedding day too where they’ll all look ridiculous in the photos next to me,” she said.

She told her future mother-in-law that she definitely will consider her feelings, but at the end of the day, it’s her wedding.

She wants to be confident on her special day, and the thing is, she’s the one paying for her dress, so doesn’t she deserve to wear what she wants?

How would you deal with this?

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