She Was 16-Years-Old When She Was Found Dead Without Her Clothes In A Parking Area And After 30 Years She Has Been Identified

Knowlton Township, New Jersey. It was October 26th, 1991, a Sunday, and at around 1:45 that afternoon the New Jersey State Police received a call about a young woman who was found dead by several hunters in a parking area in Knowlton Township.

The parking area this young woman was found in was gravel-filled and located close to Route 94 North, which connects to Pennsylvania and New York. The parking area also happened to be not far away from a regional trucking facility, and it was surrounded by a heavily wooded area.

When officers arrived on the scene, they could see that the body of the young woman was already decomposing, and she had no clothes on.

The only thing that she had that officers hoped would be able to identify her was a tattoo of a Bengal tiger that stretched 7 inches along the calf of her left leg.

Warren County Prosecutor; pictured above is what this young woman’s tiger tattoo looked like

In light of the fact that authorities did not know her name or who she was, she was nicknamed “Tiger Lady” after her unique lower leg tattoo.

The day after this young woman was found dead, an autopsy was performed on her. Though the medical examiner could not figure out her exact cause of death due to the state of her remains, it was evident that she was murdered.

Unfortunately, authorities had no idea who this young woman was, and they had no idea who was responsible for taking her life.

They actively began attending tattoo conventions, asking around to see if anyone could recognize this tattoo.

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