She Was 16-Years-Old When She Was Found Dead Without Her Clothes In A Parking Area And After 30 Years She Has Been Identified

Authorities also reached out to the media to cover her story, and they received many tips, however, nothing panned out.

Years went by, and then in December of last year, some of Tiger Lady’s remains were taken to a lab with the hopes that her DNA could be recovered from her bones.

That process was a success, and her DNA was then entered into various databases. This summer, authorities were able to figure out who Tiger Lady’s family was, and after speaking to them, they finally learned her name: Wendy Baker.

New Jersey State Police; pictured above is a screenshot of the press conference, where authorities finally identified Tiger Lady after 30 years

“Wendy was raised by her stepmother from the time she was 4-years-old until the time she was 15, traveling between Chester County and Bradenton, Florida during this time,” a press release from the Warren County Prosecutor reads.

“The stepmother provided Wendy’s full name, Wendy Louise Baker, and date of birth, July 14, 1975, making her sixteen at the time of her death.”

To this day, authorities aren’t sure when Wendy went missing or how she ended up where she was found. They are asking that members of the public come forward with any details that can help them put the remaining pieces together on Wendy’s case.

If you have any information related to Wendy’s murder, you can contact the New Jersey State Police Cold Case Unit at 833.4NJ.COLD.

Warren County Prosecutor; pictured above is Wendy at 14-years-old

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