She Was A Bridesmaid At Her Best Friend’s Wedding And She’s Telling The Internet The Bride Is Refusing To Speak To Her Because She Doesn’t Want To Throw Out Her Bridesmaid Dress

A 25-year-old woman recently was a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.

The wedding happened to be last weekend, and there were 3 other bridesmaids there aside from her.

“We all got the same matching dresses, costing about $220 each,” she explained.

“Super pretty, comfortable, and definitely something you could wear to another event or just a night out.”

Yes, the bride picked out what dresses she wanted the bridesmaids to wear, but she did not pay for them. Each bridesmaid was responsible for paying for their dress alone.

“This morning me and the other 3 bridesmaids got a group text from the bride saying she expected us to not wear the dresses we wore to the wedding anywhere else and to get rid of them because they were only for her special occasion.”

She told her best friend, the bride, that she is not going to just throw out her dress, especially given the fact that she paid $220 for it.

Her best friend is of the opinion that because it was her choice to get those exact bridesmaid dresses, she has a right to tell everyone they cannot wear their dress ever again.

Now, her best friend won’t say a single word to her, and she’s left wondering if it’s somehow wrong to not want to get rid of her bridesmaid dress.

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