She Was A Bridesmaid At Her Best Friend’s Wedding And She’s Telling The Internet The Bride Is Refusing To Speak To Her Because She Doesn’t Want To Throw Out Her Bridesmaid Dress

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Most people try to get a bridesmaid dress they can wear again…..”


“I made a point to let my bridesmaids pick their own dresses and said repeatedly to get one they knew they’d wear again.”

“They all 3 settled on a dress that I didn’t particularly care for (this was when the bubble skirt thing was popular) but they were happy with. They SWORE they’d wear it again and it was maybe $150 before tax so they could all afford it.”

“They wore it for my wedding and never touched it again. Now when my one bridesmaid wants to bring up about “how could I have ‘made’ them wear it” I’m quick to correct that.”


“Agreed. Granted I am a guy but when I got married I was 26. When we went to get fitted for our suits we thought we were just renting them.”

“My dad bought us all the suits because we were all young guys and he knew we all needed a good suit for work, events, etc.”

“Since my wedding, I’ve seen them post pictures of them wearing their groomsmen suits to other events and it just makes me smile.”


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