She Was Born Prematurely And Fought Her Way Through The NICU: Now Her Foster Parents Are Hoping To Adopt Her

DeBary, Florida. Sabrina and Zach Glenn are a couple living in Florida who have spent more than 3 years fostering children from the Central Florida area.

Throughout their time as foster parents, Sabrina and Zach have graciously welcomed 8 different foster children into their home.

Over this past summer, Sabrina and Zach were asked to take on their 9th placement; a little girl who was born 6 weeks prematurely.

This little girl had also already been exposed to drugs in the womb, and her name was Debbie. On August 1st, Sabrina and Zach agreed to take on Debbie.

Without hesitation, Sabrina and Zach have stepped up to be everything that Debbie has needed.

“Since then, Debbie has thrived and surpassed all of her health goals and is such a bubbly happy little girl,” Sabrina and Zach wrote on a GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe; pictured above is adorable baby Debbie

“As with all of our placements, we have poured our hearts into this little girl while working hand in hand with her biological parents.”

“Her biological parents have come to a crossroads and have made a decision to surrender their rights to a private adoption agency with the plan that Baby Debbie stay with us.”

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