She Was Shot Just Seventy-Two Hours After Learning She Passed The Bar Exam And Nearly Lost Her Life

She has worked various jobs since graduation, each growing in complexity. But, Thompson had hoped to return to Nebraska and build her own practice.

Adine Momoh has organized a GoFundMe on behalf of Thompson, who wants more than anything to pursue her dream of becoming an attorney and serving others.

The GoFundMe has raised just over thirty-three thousand dollars out of the fifty thousand dollar goal. These donations go directly to Thompson in order to support her medical and rehabilitation costs, lodging, and food.

Thompson’s attack has sparked outrage in the community and donators have been sharing their support for Thompson and her dreams.

“People deserve to live in peace and freedom to pursue their goals. I stand in anger of this tragic attack,” said Michael Carolus, who donated twenty dollars.

“Sending lots of love and healing energy. You are strong and resilient. I was privileged enough to witness some of that when we used to study for the LSAT,” wrote former classmate Deibi Sibrian, who donated twenty-five dollars.

While her attack was undoubtedly devastating, Thompson refuses to let anyone or anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

“In Shantel’s words, her shooting is ‘a minor setback for a major comeback,'” wrote Momoh, “Please help Shantel have a major comeback after her minor setback.”

If you would like to donate to Shantel’s GoFundMe, you can do that here.

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