She Was There To Help Deliver Her Best Friend’s Baby, But One Thing The Baby Was Born With Had Her Realizing Her Best Friend Was Sleeping With Her Husband

“It’s an extra piece of cartilage that grows out the side of their necks,” Hailey mentioned. “So he looks like a little Frankenstein baby.”

“I was changing her daughter when I noticed she has what we call the bowling bumps,” Hailey continued.

Hailey’s husband had other children at that time who also had that same exact birthmark, so she knew there was no way her husband was not the father of her best friend’s baby.

Her best friend was right there when Hailey changed her baby and spotted the birthmark, and she and her best friend exchanged looks before Hailey exited the room.

Hailey collected herself outside and decided she was going to put her feelings aside and do what she felt was the right thing.

“She did admit it right away,” Hailey said of her best friend in a follow-up video she made.

“It wasn’t until, I don’t know, six or seven months later my ex-husband, um, finally did admit to them sleeping together.

After confronting her best friend, Hailey ended up letting her live in her house for a while longer, and she used to crack jokes that it was some sort of a “Sister Wife situation.”


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