She Went Viral On TikTok For Addressing The Infuriating Double Standard That Exists Between Dad Bods Vs. Mom Bods

A TikToker known as Bry posted a video on her account @Building_Her_Legacy that went viral after she vented about the infuriating double standard of “mom bods” versus “dad bods.”

In recent years the concept of the “dad bod” has pervaded popular culture. As its name suggests, this kind of body type occurs in the later years of a man’s life– usually after having his first child.

There has been a widespread acceptance and embracement of the “dad bod” throughout the internet; but, what does the world think of “mom bods”?

“We need to talk,” Bry starts off the video, “I am so frustrated. So, I’m just going to show you why.”

She then provides a screenshot of the Wikipedia definition of “dad bod.” According to the site, “Dad bod is a slang term in popular culture referring to a body shape particular to middle-aged men. The phrase has been adopted in U.S. culture as a celebration of this particular type of physique.”

Bry goes further by also bringing up the Urban Dictionary definition.

“A dad bod is the type of physique a man ‘earns’ when the increasing pressures of work-life, married life, and especially fatherhood no longer allow him the time or drive to maintain a hard, toned figure,” Bry read from the site.

On the other hand, the “mom bod” is afforded none of the same celebration or dignity.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Bry discussing mom vs. dad bods

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