She’s 29-Years-Old And Beginning To Fall In Love With Her Sugar Daddy, Who Is 31 Years Older Than Her

A 29-year-old woman met her 60-year-old sugar daddy on a website dedicated to these arrangements; that is, pairing up pretty young women with successful older men.

She first decided to sign up for the website after getting out of a relationship with someone who was her own age.

She felt that she had an embarrassing amount of boyfriends all throughout her twenties, yet three of the men she wound up dating she stayed with for three whole years.

Anyway, she has a wonderful career and spent a lot of her 20s pursuing various degrees, including one graduate degree, but although she’s highly educated it’s hard to afford to live well where she is in California.

Between paying the state tax and the federal tax, close to half of her whole paycheck goes just towards taxes.

“Inflation coupled with the housing market bubble- I could very well be homeless in 3-6 years,” she explained.

“My career/education falls within a very specialized and competitive scientific discipline. Not many people do what I do and people in my profession make the least among the natural sciences.”

“So I pursued the “Sugar Baby” lifestyle because I wanted to experience dating an older, successful man while also receiving some much-needed financial help.”

She was only on the website for about a week before she found her current Sugar Daddy, who she thinks is pretty much her soulmate.

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