She’s Really Upset About The Ring Her Fiancé Proposed To Her With So She Asked Him To Return It For Something She Wants

“I still said the ring was pretty but I obviously wasn’t elated or beaming with happiness over it,” she said.

“I was actually pretty hurt he didn’t listen to anything I told him & thought he didn’t care.”

At first, she didn’t tell her fiancé how she was feeling, but after a few days, she did share that with him, and he was wildly upset with her.

It turns out, her fiancé’s grandma and mom were the ones that picked out her engagement ring along with him, and they thought the ring was beautiful.

“I asked how much the ring cost & it was way more than the moissanite rings I showed him,” she continued.

“I asked him if he could take the ring & return it & we just buy the one I liked which was much cheaper & told him he could have that extra money back for himself. He’s still soooo mad at me saying how ungrateful & spoiled I am & hasn’t even tried to return the ring.”

Since that conversation, things between them have been…awkward.

“I know it’s such a dumb situation over a ring, but it really hurts me & makes me feel like he didn’t take into consideration anything I told him about what I like,” she wrote.

“it’s not like I want a $10k huge diamond ring. The rings I liked are literally $1k-$2k cheaper than what he got me.”

“I know it’s just a ring, but it’s a ring I’m going to have & stare at for the rest of my life. & it doesn’t feel like me at all.”

She’s left wondering if she’s really being a dramatic jerk over this whole ring thing.

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