This Teen Was Accused Of Ruining Her Sister’s Wedding Because She Looked Too Good In The Bridesmaid Dress She Wore

A 14-year-old girl was invited to be a bridesmaid in her older sister’s wedding, and she was thrilled to be included in her sister’s special day.

Her sister picked out a dress for all the bridesmaids to wear, and the dress was a pink/red color with ruffles at the top of it.

The day came when it was time for the bridesmaids to all get together to try on the dresses. So, this teen, her cousin, her sister, and her sister’s future sister-in-law (who is also her sister’s best friend) all met up.

She slipped on the dress, and she was very excited about the fact that she would be able to wear flats underneath it since it was the perfect length.

She exited the dressing room to see what everyone thought, and she noticed her sister was completely expressionless.

Confused, she asked her sister if she disliked the dress, but her sister didn’t say a word to her. Eventually, her sister said she needed to speak to her in a separate room.

She and her sister went into the bathroom, and her sister told her that her boobs looked too big in the dress.

She laughed, not sure where her sister was going with this. She then asked her sister what she should do, and her sister insisted she could not wear the dress in her wedding.

She didn’t have a problem with that at all and said they could easily get different dresses that her sister did like.

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