The NYC Parks Department Destroyed A Monarch Butterfly Habitat In September. This Petition Is Urging The City To Restore It Since These Butterflies Are Critically Endangered.

The petition outlines seven main tenants that, together, will help restore the native habitat and population of monarch butterflies.

Primarily, the NYC Parks & Recreation lawn crew must be educated on the importance of milkweed preservation and stop their clearing of common milkweed. Next, naturally occurring common milkweed must be restored and relocated.; pictured above is the milkweed after being cut down

These new colonies, along with already-existing milkweed colonies, must be maintained and stabilized.

This maintenance should include the controlling of invasive insects and plants.

Finally, they are asking that a city-wide survey be administered in order to “track, document, and assess native milkweed in New York City.”

The petition has received just shy of twenty-thousand signatures as members of the community show support for the environment.

“We need to protect all species. They are all so crucial to our ecosystem,” wrote Jaclyn Carr.

“These creatures deserve a home, a chance, and all our love!” agreed Shawna Emerick.

“We need to save our pollinators. Once they are gone, we cannot get them back,” wrote Shannon Maher.

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