There’s A Petition Going Around The Internet To Get The FBI Involved In The Disappearance Of Kandi Gonzalez And Her Family Is Hoping You’ll Sign It

Prestonsburg, Kentucky. 36-year-old Kandi Green Gonzalez has been missing for 166 days now.

On June 1st, Kandi’s boyfriend kicked her out of the house they shared together. Kandi was last seen running into a creek behind a home that sits on Abbott Creek Road, which is not far from the place she lived in with her boyfriend.

Before Kandi vanished, someone took a video of her, and she was clearly confused and disoriented in the footage.

She asked the multiple people present to please call her mom, but the call to her mom’s phone went directly to voicemail.

It was then that Kandi started to take off running for the water nearby. In the days and now weeks since Kandi has disappeared, multiple searches have been organized in the hopes of finding more clues leading to Kandi.

So far, there’s no new information, and Kandi remains missing.

Now, there’s a petition going around the internet to get the FBI involved in Kandi’s disappearance, and Kandi’s family is hoping you will sign it.

“While the FBI will typically assist only at the request of local law enforcement, it’s clear that there’s been a mishandling of Kandi Green Gonzalez’s case from the very beginning,” the petition starts out by saying.

Facebook; pictured above is Kandi

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