This 20-Year-Old Disappeared While At A Truck Stop In Georgia Last Year: Where Is Keeslyn Roberts?

“I have scraped up every dime I had to offer a $3,000.00 reward, but it’s not enough to get anyone to come forward with information on her whereabouts, so I am turning to you all and asking for your help.”

Eric continued, saying that Keeslyn is his whole world, and he terribly misses her. “She is a good kid, with a big heart,” Eric said.

“She would do anything for anyone.  I miss her so much and it’s killing me not knowing if she is safe, dead, or hiding.”

Keeslyn has blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s 5’6″ and around 125 pounds. She has a tattoo of waves with a sea turtle across the inside of one of her arms and gauges in her ears.

If you see Keeslyn or know anything about her disappearance, please contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 706.624.1424.

Facebook; pictured above Keeslyn smiles with her dad, Eric

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