This Dad Was Trying To Help His Teen Daughter By Letting Her Know Her Bikini Top Was See-Through But He’s Telling The Internet His Wife Is Accusing Him Of Body-Shaming

“She told her mom what happened,” he continued. “My wife is now telling me I body-shamed her.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Telling someone a bathing suit is transparent when wet is not “body-shaming.” You’re talking about the bathing suit, not the body inside it.”


“You’ve pulled her aside in private so as not to embarrass her, you’ve softly mentioned the issue with the bikini top- to which the response was well received.”

“I’m not sure where the body-shaming comes into it?”


“That was a wardrobe malfunction and you had her back. Weird that her mom doesn’t understand that.”

“Maybe there was a miscommunication in how your daughter told the story and mom made an assumption?”


“That is not body shaming. Of course, people would want to know if their clothes had been made literally see-through while in a pool.”

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