This Elderly Autistic Man Was Conned Out Of Nearly $2 Million Dollars: Now, His Neighbor Is Asking The Community For Help As He Rebuilds His Life

New Orleans, Louisiana. Erica Dudas has organized a GoFundMe to help Lawrence Mopsik rebuild his life after falling victim to a despicable con woman.

Mopsik is an elder man with autism who grew up in Broadmoor, New Orleans. Back in 2015, both of his parents, unfortunately, passed away.

But, they had established a trust fund in Mopsik’s name which included their property and inheritance money. Mopsik’s parents wanted him to live a stable and free life without worry.

“But, the universe had other plans,” wrote Dudas, “When I met Lawrence in 2017, he was disheveled, dirty, uncared for, and always seemed really nervous. But, he loved my animals and had a cat of his own– so we started talking.”

Dudas would cook meals for Mopsik, watch football games with him, pick up his groceries, and go on outings with him.

As Mopsik’s neighbor, Dudas felt responsible for caring for him. Still, she had no idea the kind of trouble that Mospik was in.

“From 2017 to 2019, my feelings about Lawrence grew from concern to alarm, but he wouldn’t tell me what was going on,” Dudas said.

When she would ask Mopsik about his caretakers, he would shut down. Then, as 2019 reached its end, Mopsik’s physical and mental health took a significant downturn.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Lawrence Mopsik

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